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Vickie Flaugher

Content Enterprises
Austin, TX USA
Hello! My name's Vickie Flaugher, and I am so glad to be attending. Been a writer forever, mostly website marketing (blogging, copywriting, and white papers), non-fiction how-to, with a handful of ghostwriting opps mixed in. Written a few fiction short stories, as well as been in indie films as an extra. Done social media for TV shows/movies.

Looking to break into episodic TV writing, so interested in that the most.

I am a photographer as well, and I love doing BTS for movies...well, and some car shows and slice of life Americana shots too, but...hey, we are all versatile, right? :-)

I am inspired by the talented folks I have met through Rocaberti Castle Writers, Austin Film Festival, and via my "Hollywood circle" on FB, like the fine folks over at The Inside Pitch. Looking forward to learning and creating more friendships.