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Great Assistant
Austin, TX
My name is Tim Francis and I own a company called Great Assistant. Unlike many Virtual Assistant companies which work with an overseas talent for $5-$10/hr, we work exclusively with higher-end Assistants based in the US or Canada.

Instead of doing only basic tasks like data entry, our Assistant is able to become an Entrepreneur's right-hand person, helping to make decisions and actually run part of the company.

We've helped hire over 200 Assistants now, and I'd be happy to share insights such as:

  • how to make an Assistant wildly profitable (and how a $20/hr Assistant is often way more profitable than a $4/hr Assistant) 
  • how to find the right tasks to delegate first, and how to delegate them so the task is handed off once and for all (so you aren't interrupted with a ton of questions from your Assistant)
  • how to maximize your odds of hiring a winning Assistant on your very next attempt (so this doesn't turn into "Groundhog Day" where you're perpetually hiring and firing and ultimately stuck)

My presentation is incredibly valuable for any Entrepreneur who:

  • has never had an Assistant
  • tried getting one before and it crashed and burned
  • has one right now, but isn't convinced they're getting the most they could out of the relationship

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Thursday, September 13