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Clarity Marketing
I've spent my life growing my own and client companies. I'm not a fan of talk with no action. I hate marketing bullshit. 

How many times have you said "We do great when we get in front of the right people; we just need to get in front of MORE of the right people."? 

How many marketing people have you hired who didn't meet expectations? (for our clients, it averages 3.75 firms). 

For almost 30 years I've been driving the top of the funnel for B2B companies. My systems approach uses time-tested methodologies combining state-of-the-art technologies and award winning creative. 

Learn more here: http://claritymarketingsupport.com/service/sustainable-pipeline/
See some case studies here: http://claritymarketingsupport.com/casestudies/

Over the course of thousands of assignments with hundreds of clients, I’ve developed a unique approach that cracks the black box of generating qualified leads - and it's not magic or some software. It's backbone. It's research. It's the process that makes it work. 

► Helped Harley Davidson launch the VRod, a radical new motorcycle design internationally

► Drove the strategy to take a brick and mortar retailer to the largest on-line seller of costumes increasing the companies revenues by 500% over five years and increasing the valuation from $2.5m - $190mil

► Helped develop a business incubator for the nation's largest Native American tribe to create tribal entrepreneurs 

► Worked with the State Department and Special Forces medics to bring medical aid underserved populations overseas

► Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award for Presidential Service by The President of the United States for service to the Nation.