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Mary Schneider

Resonance Repatterning Expert / Featured in Chloe Wordsworth Film / Kinesiology Practioner / Ordained Minister / Speaker
Mary is a Resonance Repatterning expert, kinesiology practitioner and ordained minister with a global private practice based in Austin, Texas. For 15 years she has used healing arts and energetic medicine to help clients around the world create positive life changes by clearing negative and limiting beliefs and repatterning them to resonate with what they do want in their life.  

Prior to her career in the healing arts, she was a marketing and public relations executive for 20 years. This experience was very helpful in building awareness of Resonance Repatterning, previously known as Holographic Repatterning, as well as in educating the public about what was then a relatively unknown healing modality. By effectively promoting Resonance Repatterning, she not only had the opportunity to build awareness, but also the opportunity to attract and help hundreds of people around the world over the last 15 years.