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Corporately Incorrect
My brand is who I am. Corporately Incorrect. Just like my logo above I am a little off. I don't dress to impress. I wear what makes me feel comfortable and my wife happy. Most of the time it's a t-shirt and sweatpants. Never wing tips and quite often tennis shoes. I take branding very seriously, and myself not so much. I love the fact that I am not a perfect machine. Just beautifully human.

My mistake are many. My triumphs many less. I am not remotely corporate in my communication. I don't use ambiguous acronyms, or fancy marketing buzz words. I just speak from my heart. I put my family over any client no matter what they pay. I don't follow what's hot or another's backside. I bushwhack new branding paths for my clients and welcome the cuts and bruises along the way. I take risks others would not dream of realizing the odds are high I won't succeed. I fall head over ass all the way down the hill many times over, but get back up every time to race up again. I love meeting in person, like taking on the phone, and begrudgingly email.