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Mary Lynn “ML” Banchoff has been a Corporate Trainer, Facilitator, Productivity Coach, Consultant, and Speaker since 2005. She is proud to have co-written the “Breakthrough to Financial Freedom” workshop with Brilliant People, and enjoys co-facilitating events for both men and women.

She graduated from Brown University in the US in 1991 with a B.A. in Religious Studies/ Sociology, then brought her fascination with human behavior and community dynamics into the business world, at one point serving as Director Of Operations for a multi-million dollar restaurant development company for 7 years.

Since 2005, she has facilitated more than 300 training and development workshops globally. Her professionalism, ability to connect to a room quickly, and her unique humor bring challenging topics home to participants in a meaningful, lasting way. She has lived in France and England, and loves her current home of Austin, Texas.