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Monday, September 10


Waking Up One's Career
Limited Capacity filling up

Using the magic of collage, one's intuition, and the Visioning(R) techniques developed by Lucia Capacchione, PhD, ATR, REAT, one will create a vision of his/her career calling in 90 minutes. For this interactive workshop it is recommended that you bring two of your favorite magazines intended for use in this project.



Business from the Inside-Out
Limited Capacity full
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All the information in the world won't help if it's not aligned with the Truth of Who You Are. This isn't about new-age, contemplate-your-navel ideas. It's about aligning with the Deeper Wisdom that's really running the show. This may be the least "useful" presentation you'll ever attend. And it might change your life and business forever.

avatar for Dr. Fred Blum

Dr. Fred Blum

Energy Rich Living
I'm an expert in helping people live the lives that they were made for. It doesn’t matter if you're the CEO of a billion-dollar corporation or a stay-at-home mom. When that deep inner voice just won't shut up and you can't ignore it any longer, I'm your man. As a Transformative... Read More →

Tuesday, September 11


Small Business Superheroes: Your Business as a Catalyst for Social Change
Limited Capacity filling up

Small business owners are superheroes, but most of us don't know it. As individuals we often feel limited in our ability to serve during times of crisis, particularly if we're not able to make large financial contributions.

But as entrepreneurs we are uniquely positioned to make a difference. This session will explore the ways that business owners can leverage their audience, their role as a community leader, and their business platform to create a positive impact even if they are a freelancer/solopreneur.

avatar for Liberty Riggs

Liberty Riggs

Liberty Riggs is a seventh generation Texan with an undying love for breakfast tacos and an unrelenting drive to help others reach their maximum potential. She's a self-help junkie with an extensive background in graphic design, content marketing and entrepreneurship. In the past... Read More →

Wednesday, September 12


1% Better: How tiny changes add up over time
Limited Capacity full
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Over the past few months, I've been tackling weekly challenges with an accountability partner to improve our freelance businesses. The challenges apply to all parts of our businesses - our website, marketing, networking, accounting, and self care.

We've both been amazed at what a difference this had made not just to our businesses, but to our lives. We both feel better, more successful, more in control, and our businesses are growing and more profitable. In this talk, I'll discuss how we come up with the challenges, the importance of being consistent, and the magic of compounding results.

I'll also invite everyone to join us in committing to making consistent, tiny changes to improve their businesses and lives.

avatar for Natalie MacLees

Natalie MacLees

founder + principal, Purple Pen Productions
I've been building the internet since 1996. I'm the founder + principal of Purple Pen Productions and the author of jQuery for Designers, now in its second edition. I'm the founder of Website Weekend, a 48-hour hackathon matching web professionals with nonprofits in need of websites... Read More →

Wednesday September 12, 2018 10:30am - 11:30am
Vessel Coworking 500 E St Johns Ave Suite 2.620, Austin, TX 78752, USA


ConverSOULutions: Spruce up Your Soul - Cleaning Out Your Mental Closet
Limited Capacity full
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ConverSOULutions interactive workshops explore the basics of journaling. Learn how creativity and journaling can break down internal barriers and create new relationships. Explore limiting beliefs and how to remove them in order to reach goals and dreams.

Target audience: entrepreneurs, professionals, networking groups, business developers, women’s groups, teens

Key Takeaways
  • Identify Limiting Beliefs
  • Create goals to improve one or more areas of your life
  • Template for Evaluating Mental Clutter

avatar for Janifer Wheeler

Janifer Wheeler


Wednesday September 12, 2018 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Vessel Coworking 500 E St Johns Ave Suite 2.620, Austin, TX 78752, USA
Thursday, September 13


The Energetics of Succesful Life & Work (or You Can’t Create Successful Life and Work with a Sick Up Your Ass)
Limited Capacity filling up

Expansion or Constriction.  Being in business for ourselves is exciting and difficult at the same time. While it creates freedom, it can also be so stressful that we end up blocking our own success from the inside out. 

The brain is a tricky mo-fo and it can be our biggest asset or our biggest block.
I will speak on the unconscious ways we block our ability to succeed even if we do great work and how we can begin to rewire the brain for more success.
I will share ideas on how audience members can release the subconscious constriction that causes stress and blocks creative and financial flow. 
Audience members will come away with strategies for consciously and intentionally cultivating an openness of being that enhances their work, income, and lives. 
We will also do some coaching for the audience around the ways they block their own success. Even if one person is coached in a hot seat session, all the members will benefit. 

avatar for Allison  Crow

Allison Crow

Owner, Soulfull Living, LLC
Allison Crow, M.Ed., is an intuitive life and business coach who has been speaking, teaching and coaching in one form or another since the mid-90s. She has been self-employed since 2003 and has been professionally coaching full time for more than 12 years.Once, a hard-lined performance... Read More →

Thursday September 13, 2018 10:00am - 11:30am
Microsoft Corporation Building B, 10900 Stonelake Blvd, Austin, TX 78759, USA


Power of Personalities
Limited Capacity seats available

Each of us is born with a unique blend of traits that affects our emotions, work performance and relationships. Understanding your own personality helps you achieve your full potential. Understanding the personalities of others unlocks the mysteries of effective communication, relationship-building, collaboration and influence.

Workshop participants will learn a simple yet powerful technique to identify the four basic personality types and begin to understand the strengths, weaknesses, motivations and needs of each in order to bring out the best in themselves and others.

avatar for Whitney Nelson & Cassie Pusey

Whitney Nelson & Cassie Pusey

Co-Founder; Co-CEO, Brilliant People, LLC
The launch of our company stemmed from a true passion for helping people be leaders in their lives, whether at work, at home, and at play. Let's talk about how you perceive leadership in your own life!

Thursday September 13, 2018 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Vessel Coworking 500 E St Johns Ave Suite 2.620, Austin, TX 78752, USA


The Art of Being unComfortable – Strategies for Sustaining Business Success
Limited Capacity seats available

Presentation Description:_x000D_
Meshell shares 5 clarifying strategies, followed by an open forum of activities and discussion, that encourages, and empowers sustained success in the face of challenging, difficult and frequent market change. Developing a strong business presence requires visibility and versatility. Managing your external and internal environments while building a business for most is hard. But not impossible. _x000D_
The intentional and strategic deployment of your values, vision, and mission--is one of the most influential pieces of work to sustain success professionally and personally. Business owners who set the ground rules for who they are, what they will do and why they exist in the marketplace are better able to adapt and flex with market changes. And historical evidence shows that organizations with documented vision and mission strategies are 80% more likely to succeed and be profitable than those without. _x000D_
This session is designed to allow business owners and professionals to PRESS PAUSE to clarify and reconnect with their why. All participants will be encouraged to determine and discuss their current strategies and desired results to clearly define activities that support day to day experiences of excellence and delivery of their extra-ordinary!_x000D_
Activities & Discussion Topics:_x000D_
 Understand crafting a clearly defined vision supports sustained success._x000D_
 Explore positioning the values as personal/professional standard._x000D_
 Experience integrating uncertainty to stimulate creativity and innovation._x000D_
Three key Take-Aways from Session:_x000D_
Gain insights, ideas, and inspiration showing you how to intentionally and strategically recognize your favorable circumstances. Learn how to ditch and eliminate obstacles, barriers and dispatch your desired results and outcomes!_x000D_
This session will uncover the following principles: _x000D_
 EMBRACING uncertainty to elicit creative expression!_x000D_
 EXPERIENCE the power of a clearly defined purpose!_x000D_
 ENACT practices that expand your income & influence!

avatar for Meshell Baker

Meshell Baker

VISION Mastery Strategist - Meshell Baker is a highly engaging captivating International Speaker and Renowned Purpose Coach. She is also a well-respected teacher of VISION. After graduating from Long Island University with an MBA in Organizational Behavior, Baker was promoted and... Read More →

Thursday September 13, 2018 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Splash Coworking 326 N LBJ Dr, San Marcos, TX 78666, USA


Freelancer Ethics for The Modern Age
Limited Capacity filling up

All of us as individuals have an ethical code that we live within. However we don't share the kinds of individual learning experiences that have helped shape the decisions we make everyday. In the modern era, ethical decisions will have implications far beyond ourselves and our communities.

My goal is to make sure freelancers are making ethical decisions about their lives and their businesses, and of course the businesses we serve.

avatar for PJ Christie

PJ Christie

Search and Convert, Inc
PJ Christie is the founder of Search and Convert. An internet marketing and strategy expert, he has more than 15 years agency experience with a specialty in growing businesses large and small. Christie’s professional goal is to bring competitive intensity to business marketing while... Read More →

Thursday September 13, 2018 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Orange Coworking 2110 W Slaughter Ln #160, Austin, TX 78748, USA


Limited Capacity seats available

Empowering Artistic Community Entrepreneurship

 6:00 pm – Keynote Speaker – Start Your Own Wave: How to Capitalize Your Talent, Attract Your Audience, and Create Your "Tale" of Success with DeAnne Pearson

7:00 pm –– Coworking Culture with Carina Pinales

7:30 pm – Trademarks and Copyrights with Marc McAllister

8:00 pm – I Missed the Wave, Now What? with Mary Schneider

avatar for Dr. Marc McAllister

Dr. Marc McAllister

Assistant Professor at Texas State University
Marc McAllister is an Assistant Professor at Texas State University.  He joined the Department of Finance and Economics fall 2017 where he teaches business law courses.  Prior to Texas State, Dr. McAllister was an Assistant Professor of Law at Indiana Tech Law School.  Marc is... Read More →
avatar for DeAnne  Pearson

DeAnne Pearson

avatar for Carina Pinales

Carina Pinales

Founder and Co-Owner Splash Coworking LLC.
Homegrown in San Marcos, Texas, Carina Boston Pinales brings over eight years of experience insocial impact entrepreneurship, with a focus on addressing community needs through technology,collaboration and advocacy. With her passionate vision for transformation, she orchestrates her... Read More →
avatar for Mary Schneider

Mary Schneider

Resonance Repatterning Expert / Featured in Chloe Wordsworth Film / Kinesiology Practioner / Ordained Minister / Speaker
Mary is a Resonance Repatterning expert, kinesiology practitioner and ordained minister with a global private practice based in Austin, Texas. For 15 years she has used healing arts and energetic medicine to help clients around the world create positive life changes by clearing negative... Read More →

Thursday September 13, 2018 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Splash Coworking 326 N LBJ Dr, San Marcos, TX 78666, USA
Friday, September 14


Connection is the New Language of Success
Limited Capacity seats available

How many people in business are truly connecting to their audience?  

What if you knew how to better connect using your customers' language and thus exceeding your sales?  

In this workshop titled Connection is the New Language of Success, Sylvia will guide you through 7 leadership and sales strategies that can catapult your business to the next level.  She will present the DISC model so that you can navigate the sales environment with confidence and understanding.  

avatar for Sylvia Villalobos Worsham

Sylvia Villalobos Worsham


Friday September 14, 2018 9:30am - 11:00am
Microsoft Corporation Building B, 10900 Stonelake Blvd, Austin, TX 78759, USA


Raising Your Energetic Frequency to Attract Abundance
Limited Capacity full
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We all emanate an energetic frequency and attract into our lives people and situations that match that same frequency. If you want to attract more abundance into your life, you must “up-level” your frequency to invite in the people and situations you want to attract.

Session attendees will learn why they're currently attracting what they're attracting, and will learn what they can do differently to change the outcome.

avatar for Heather Rider

Heather Rider

Heather Rider is a former overworked, overstressed perfectionist. She is a trained energy healer and Reiki Master. Through her energy healing business, The Energy Synergist she helps women heal and create amazing new lives for themselves by using energy healing as a catalyst for... Read More →

Friday September 14, 2018 10:00am - 11:00am
Soma Vida Coworking 2324 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702, USA


RAMP UP Your Leadership Skills
Limited Capacity seats available

Enhance your leadership skills to achieve greater success in life & business!

Navigating the business and entrepreneurial world can be difficult, whether you are a professional, a business owner or working in the corporate world. Effective leaders must continue to identify, develop and sharpen their own leadership skills for both personal and professional growth. Outstanding leaders know how to skillfully inspire, motivate, and empower others to do their very best and achieve success.

Darlene will provide you the key tools, techniques and strategies so that you can enhance your existing leadership skills, improve your personal performance, and communicate and engage with others more effectively.

This interactive, fun and fast paced workshop will provide you the tools so that you can:

• Enhance your existing leadership skills
• Maximize your productivity
• Communicate and engage with others more effectively
• Remove obstacles to your success  _
• Create an action plan to accomplish your goals, personally and professionally

At the close of the session, you will be ready to take immediate and decisive actions, and you will walk away with tips, tools and strategies to continue to grow your leadership skills, improve your performance and develop actions to achieve greater success, both personally and professionally. \

avatar for Darlene Templeton

Darlene Templeton


Friday September 14, 2018 11:00am - 12:00pm
T-Werx Coworking 1320 Arrow Point Dr #501, Cedar Park, TX 78613, USA


Intuitive Creativity for Teambuilding
Limited Capacity seats available

In an IBM survey of more than 1,500 chief executive officers, creativity was ranked the number one factor in determining success in business. When Dr. George Land was hired by NASA to develop a test of creativity, the test worked so well that he decided to give it to 1,600 children. Ninety eight percent of the children, ages 3-5, tested as creative geniuses. By adulthood, that number fell to only 2%. People get so inhibited and controlled by their inner critic as they move through life that they lose the ability to play and create.

This creative inhibition can affect many aspects of their life and business, as they are less willing to take chances and think of new solutions. Fortunately, creativity is a skill that can be cultivated and nurtured. This workshop will lead you through a mixed-media collage exercise aimed at waking up your creative spark and helping you to find more clarity and space to reconnect with your creative genius.

avatar for Dara Chambers

Dara Chambers

SoulFully Creative
Dara Chambers teaches adults how to reconnect with their creative spark though private coaching and group workshops. She has a BA in fine art and an MA in TESOL. She has over nineteen years experience teaching adults English as a second/foreign language and knows what it takes to... Read More →

Friday September 14, 2018 11:00am - 12:30pm
fibercove coworking 1700 S Lamar Blvd #338, Austin, TX 78704


Fitting 17 Hours into a 9 Hour Day
Limited Capacity seats available

Does this sound like you?

  • You have a task list that you feel you will never get to the end of?
  • You are working 17 hour days
  • You are having a hard time meeting deadlines
  • You spend all your time working "in" your business and not enough working "on" your business.
  • You used to have something called "A Life". 

Jeff Kikel used to feel the same way. As the President of a Wealth Management practice, CEO and Founder of T-Werx Coworking and a Business Coach,  he was feeling overwhelmed. Worse, the businesses were all struggling. 

2 Years ago, Jeff began an odyssey to try to make his life and businesses more efficient. This resulted in the creation of the I.D.E.A. system that Jeff uses to pack 17 hours into a 9 hour day. As a result, Jeff runs 3 six-figure businesses that continue to grow every day. 

Join Jeff for this session and begin to look for ways to make your life and businesses much more effective every day.

avatar for Jeff Kikel

Jeff Kikel

Jeff Kikel is the Evolution Guide. Through his role as CEO/Founder of T-Werx Coworking, President of BKA Wealth Consulting, Inc., and his Business Coaching practice, Jeff gets to play with Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners every day. Jeff's work spans all the evolutions of his... Read More →

Friday September 14, 2018 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Splash Coworking 326 N LBJ Dr, San Marcos, TX 78666, USA


Unlocking Success: Keys to maximize your time
Limited Capacity filling up

Being the boss has it's advantages: you set the agenda, you make the calls. With great freedom, comes great responsibility. What you choose to focus on gets multiplied. It is critical how you maximize one of the most precious resources your business has - YOUR TIME.

Join us for the keys to honing the crucial skill of time management. With these keys, you will unlock greater success and the great benefits of the freelance life.

avatar for Tammy McKinney

Tammy McKinney

Success Coach & Speaker, Unlocking.Life
I am passionate about helping people define and achieve their desired level of success personally and professionally.Success comes with unlocking the right combination of attitude, knowledge, strategy and action. I coach individuals and organizations to develop sustainable motivational... Read More →

Friday September 14, 2018 1:00pm - 2:00pm
T-Werx Coworking 1320 Arrow Point Dr #501, Cedar Park, TX 78613, USA


Master Your Mind ~ Master Your Life
Limited Capacity full
Adding this to your schedule will put you on the waitlist.

Would it be OK with you if life got a whole lot easier?

Would it be OK with you if you knew you couldn't fail?

Would it be OK with you if you made choices for your business and your life based on what you would love vs .
what you think you can have?

These results are not only possible but probable when you activate certain principals in your life and live from them. 

During this interactive workshop, you will learn:
  • 2 essential keys for tuning into your purpose and your passion. 
  • How to design a clear vision for full spectrum wealth in every area of your life.
  • Simple thinking strategies that will guard you from fear, doubt, and worry.
  • What successful people do to sustain success.
  • 1 critical thing you must give up in order to achieve your vision.
And much more..

You'll leave the workshop with an empowered understanding of how to work with these principals to not only master your mind but master your life.

avatar for Stephanie Puente

Stephanie Puente

Stephanie Puente is the President of CoreFactor Transformative Coaching and is a Certified Life Mastery and Success Coach through the Life Mastery Institute. She’s passionate about helping individuals and professionals to hone in on their authentic life path and empowering them... Read More →

Friday September 14, 2018 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Microsoft Corporation Building B, 10900 Stonelake Blvd, Austin, TX 78759, USA


Am I Living My Purpose?
Limited Capacity full
Adding this to your schedule will put you on the waitlist.

“Having a strong sense of purpose can have a powerful positive effect. When you have a sense of purpose, you never get up in the morning wondering what you’re going to do with yourself. When you’re ‘in purpose’ – that is, engaged with and working towards your purpose – life becomes easier, less complicated and stressful.”  Psychology Today

Sometimes in life, we choose to follow our intuition and go into work that aligns with our purpose.  Or not.  Yet our purpose is always present, creating a feeling of flow and ease when we choose to align, even in some small aspect of our lives.  Our purpose is sometimes simply a faint thought that whispers, “This is what I should be doing.”

Maybe the job and career you chose are no longer fulfilling, your finances seem to be out of control, or you’re in a relationship that doesn’t feel right.  You might even start to question your very sanity or existence on this planet. This is the time to look within to discover what our values are & how they show up in our lives or not.

If this resonates with you and you would like to gain more insight, join us.  A panel of coaches will share several different ways to listen to, align with and expand your purpose to become integrated into your business endeavors, and all facets of your life. We will share stories and techniques we have used in our own lives to help you connect to your true purpose.

Alice Mar Rocher earned a Master of Adult Education and Human Resource Leadership Development from the University of Texas at Austin and has over twenty years of experience in Human Resources leading, coaching and motivating managers and employees to peak performance. As a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, consultant and transformational breakthrough coach, Alice helps clients gain renewed energy and empowerment to take decisive action toward their goals. See more about Alice at https://www.meacrescendo.com or https://www.linkedin.com/in/alicerocher.

Dorothy Mankey is founder and president of Coreisma Consulting, a strategic planning and leadership development firm that helps leaders increase productivity and find passion in their work. Dorothy’s mission is to help leaders feel happier, work smarter, and achieve more. See more about Dorothy at https://www.linkedin.com/in/DorothyMankey or http://www.coreisma.com.

DeAnne Pearson, M. Ed. has more than fifteen years coaching experience in career and personal fulfillment. She takes great joy in supporting people in the change toward better careers and better lives. Find more about DeAnne at http://www.DeliberateCareers.com.

Dr. Fred Blum is an expert and helping people live the lives they were made for. Dr. Fred has degrees in psychology and chiropractic and he's helped people create amazing lives for over 25 years. When that deep inner voice calls and just won't leave you alone, he's your man. Find more about Fred at http://www.EnergyRichLiving.net.

Ryan J. Schoenbeck, Ph.D., P.C.C. is a certified executive and mentor coach. Ryan works with leaders to expand their contributions and help create and amplify leadership with all those they contribute with around the world. He has been in business for over ten years, and he has worked, contributed to the professional development, and created innovations in organizations for over 33 years. Ryan has given 45 titled leadership and organizational development talks. He has taught 21 graduate and three undergraduate leadership courses in four universities. Ryan has convened global community leadership conversations for over 20 years. Ryan co-leads as the president of the International Coach Federation Greater Austin Charter Chapter. Explore more at https://generosityleadership.com.

avatar for Christie Hollis

Christie Hollis

Transformational Coach, Amplify Your Life Coaching
Christie Hollis is a native Texas Austinite, a Transformational Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, & Hypnotist trained by the Empowerment Partnership and owner of Amplify Your Life Coaching. She enjoys helping people who feel like they are lacking a life's purpose find their joy & passion... Read More →

Friday September 14, 2018 3:30pm - 5:00pm
Microsoft Corporation Building B, 10900 Stonelake Blvd, Austin, TX 78759, USA